Friday, February 19, 2010

Pretty things to come.

This is what my street will look like in the fall!  I found it online.  Right now it's winter, so I had noooo idea up 'til now how pretty the leaves can get.

That's all for now.  I'm just excited.



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time, no blog.

I took a little blog hiatus because I've been busy.  GUESS WHY:


Yes, it's official.  Remember that cute, little, yellow bungalow I showed you?  That's the one.  White picket fence and all.  Two bedroom, one bath, hardwood floors, a fireplace with built in bookshelves on both sides, a sun room, a brick patio, fenced in backyard, two car garage.  Woot woot!

I've always loved the idea of decorating, but I've never had a space to call my own.  When I move in, I can do WHATEVER I WANT with it.  I can't believe it.  I can put a hole in any wall, can paint in any color, can put in any shelving, and it's all up to me.  Yes, I know this just comes with owning a house, but it's my first one and I'm super excited.

Of course, now that I'm starting to look at designs and colors and all, I'm going AAAAH!  There are so many different ways to decorate and I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet.  All I know is that I want it to be eclectic in style.  I don't want to pick a very categorized style because I like to change things up.  I also love how a room can look if there are pieces from all over the place that some how work together with the colors, fabrics, etc.  Here are a few samples I found online:

I just love pulling bright things from every which way and getting them together for a complete look.  In each picture there are a few different patterns going on at once, and all have bright colors.  The dining room picture is a bit too much, probably due to the busy walls.  I've noticed that in most eclectic designs the walls stay a pretty neutral color so the whole room doesn't seem too overwhelming.  Hopefully that makes paint picking easy!

I think this design aesthetic will be perfect for me because 1) I love displaying trinkets I've gathered through my life, 2) I love vintage artwork/paintings/furniture, and 3) I love to thrift shop for decorating pieces.

Whiiiiich brings me to my next point.  I have not gone thrift store shopping in a LONG time, and earlier this week I got my sister out of the house and we went to a vintage clothing store, and then to three different Goodwills.  End result: 15 dresses, 4 sweaters, 2 shirts, and 7 home decor items for.... (drumroll please.....) under $100!!!  I really recommend getting out now before it warms up again because we were able to snag so many comfy, casual spring dresses.  On average I think each dress was about 4 bucks.  SPECTACULAR!

Out of the decor items for my house, I also came across something I am going to take as a sign in my quest for pet pig ownership.  When I found it in an aisle at Goodwill, I ran up to my sister very excitedly and before I even showed her she knew it was going to have something to do with my pig venture.  The pictures will suffice:

Yes, folks, it is a black decorative pig head that I am definitely going to put by the front door and hang my keys on.  I am also going to decorate him with different seasonal hats.  You think it's ridiculous?  So be it.  It's just another sign that Thurman Merman is meant to be.

And on that note, I'm out.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

There's hope.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.  I stumbled across this site and am going to use it to help me get approval for a pet pig.

I really am serious about this people.  No joke.

My savior: Pet Pig Zone

LOOK!  Over ten years time, this woman has made a PET PIG ZONING PACKET!!!  I love her.



Stockyard - no go.

If I want a pet pig, where I keep it in no way will qualify for the definition of a stockyard, according to Indiana:

"Stockyard" means any place of business commonly known or advertised as a stockyard, and which is operated for compensation or profit as a public market consisting of sheds, pens, or other enclosures, and their contiguous appurtenances in which live livestock is received from the public and kept temporarily for sale, marketing, or shipping.
I'm not giving up.  If I have to get everyone I know to write separate appeals asking for a county permit for a pet pig, I will do it.

Updates to follow.



I might cry.

I found this in the Marion County ordinances of Indiana.
Sec. 531-104. Keeping swine.

It shall be unlawful for a person to keep swine on premises in the consolidated city and county, unless such premises are stockyards, slaughterhouses, or other premises where the keeping or raising of livestock is permitted by county zoning ordinances.

(G.O. 30, 1998, § 1; G.O. 169, 1999, § 3; G.O. 94, 2006, § 1)
What I need to do is 1) find out what qualifies as a "stockyard" and 2) find out if there is any way I can get a permit for a pet pig.

I really want a Thurman Merman.  How could anyone in my neighborhood resist the cuteness of this:



Coming up Millhouse.

Everything's been coming up Millhouse for me lately.  Here are a few things making me happy.

  • I haven't had a haircut in forever long, and as a result my curls are longer and more relaxed.  Thus, when my hair dries naturally it is starting to look like Kate's hair from Lost.  I always wanted mine to look like that, and now it is.  HELL YES.
  • I've got some serious job security.  This year a new position was basically invented for me since I was accidently hired back after they filled all the regular teaching positions.  I could have been completely lazy, but I've busted my arse and now people in the district are praising the work I've done with my school's new Learning Center.  The new Principal loves me, and says she'll kill me if I don't come back next year.  Also, if I get on the RIF list (RIF = Reduction in Force.  A list they send out to teachers who have worked under five years, letting them know that due to budgeting they might be cut) she's going to fight for me downtown.  HELL YES.
  • Next weekend, Dyke has Saturday and Sunday off.  It's Valentine's Day weekend, and also our one-year anniversary.  I love that I'm dating my best friend, and I love that he loves me even when I fart, mess up, freak out from stress, leave a sink full of dirty dishes, make too much noise in the morning, and give him too much of a hard time.  He's sleeping and snoring right now, and it's pretty gosh darn cute.
  • I think I've found a really adorable house.  This will be the third time I've made an offer, but I'm hoping it goes through.  I'm going to look at a couple more houses in a different area of the city this weekend, but I ultimately think I'm going to make an offer on this one.  It's painted an adorable yellow, has a white picket fence, original hardwood floors, a porch swing, a cute fenced in backyard where Thurman Merman can run around, and was built in 1920.  HELL YES.
  • The Superbowl is this weekend, and while I normally could care less about football, it will be really fun to see the Colts kick some ass again.
  • I held onto my sledding championship title last night when Dyke, some friends, and I trudged through the snow in their aparment complex and went down a big hill.  Last year, I managed to use two sleds and go down standing up, staying on them like a pair of skis.  I did it again this year, and made it the farthest.  Although, I give the "best landing" award to Cliffy, who went down backwards and landed headfirst in a giant frozen puddle of slush hidden beneath the snow.  Excellent.  I also give Magdalene the "best injury" award after breaking her tibia in four places when we went down as a group the last time is snowed.
  • Tonight I'm going out on the town in Broadripple with some friends, and can't wait to dance my ass off.
That's all for now folks.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just so you know.

When I eventually adopt a pet potbelly pig, I'm going to name him Thurman Merman, after the adorable chubster from Bad Santa (Dyke just made me watch it... even though Christmas is over.)

That's all I have to say right now.



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Couchsurfing - Pictures.

I figured some of you might be interested in seeing some photographs of my North Carolina adventure.  Here are some below.

The house in Asheville:

The baby snakes I found in the kitchen:

One of the many masks decorating their house:

Lindsay and Brandon enjoying some beverages:

On the road, somewhere in Asheville:

Camping in the Smokies.  Lindsay wrapped in the furry coat creature, and 
one of the boys' housemates walking by with his banjo (posing like a sasquatch):

Lindsay and Cory saying goodbye:

Cory and me saying goodbye.  I think he's picking my hair like a monkey:

More to come.